EZSchool Pay

Parents and guardians may sign up for a new account:

  • Visit www.EZSchoolPay.com.
  • Click the Register button.
  • Enter your email address. 
  • Check your email for a confirmation and follow further directions. 

There are two ways to add your child to your account. You can enter the:

  • Student ID number: Enter the child's last name and student ID number, or
  • Birth date: Enter child's first name, last name and birth date
  • Note: District should be prepopulated with "Hawaii-St. of Hawaii Dept of Ed"

Sample Transaction on EZSchoolPay

Here is a sample transaction of what a $25 deposit would look like: 


[$25 x 1.99% = $0.50 cents] + $0.13 = $0.63

Math formula: [(deposit amount) x 1.99%] + $0.13 = total amount of fees

Total charge:

$25 + $0.63 = $25.63

Math formula: deposit amount + total amount of fees = grand total



Instructions on registering can be found here -->>  EZSchoolPay 'How To' Guide