Our Values, Vision & Mission

Our Core Values

Honor, Excellence, Aloha, Resiliency, Teamwork

(revised  2022)

Our Vision

The Heart of Hickam...
A Community of lifelong learners that are committed to honor, excellence, aloha, resiliency, and teamwork

(revised  2022)

Our Mission

We at Hickam Elementary School live with HEART:
Honor - Living with integrity and leaving a positive legacy
Excellence - Establishing goals that allow us to evolve
Aloha - Valuing diversity through compassion in action
Resiliency - Adapting and overcoming challenges
Teamwork - Collaborating to build a better world

(revised 2022)

Our Motto

Kuli'a i ka Nu'u (Strive for the Highest)

Our Technology Vision

Hickam Elementary School’s students are digitally literate and able to incorporate 21st Century Skills (Collaboration, Effective Communication, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Inquiry, and Leadership) through technology integration positively contributing to our community and global society.