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Uniform & Dress Code Policy

Hickam Elementary School Uniform and Dress Code Policy SY 2017-2018


The Hawaii Board of Education recognizes that there is a positive relationship between appearance and the learning environment. Studies have shown that clothing can contribute to distractions or can contribute to improved learning among students. (BOE Policy 4410) Our students wear uniform tops in a school-wide effort to keep our students safe and easily identified by emergency personnel, as well as minimize distractions and improve learning among students.


Uniform Policy

School t-shirt (navy blue or red)

  • School t-shirts may be worn tucked in.
  • Sweatshirts may be worn in appropriate sizes and must not be oversized.


Tan (all shades) or navy blue walking shorts, skorts, capris or pants

  • Cargo pocket shorts and pants are not authorized.
  • All shorts, skorts, capris or pants with decorative rhinestones, appliques, holes or excessively worn out are not permitted.
  • No jeans allowed except on specified exception days, such as Free Dress or Spirit Day.


School-issued I.D. must be visible on collar or near collar area


Closed toe and covered heel shoes must be worn with socks


The following items are Not Permitted unless otherwise specified:

  • Use of headgear (scarves, caps, hats) and sunglasses are not permitted during school hours
  • Use of hair dyes (permanent and temporary) are not permitted during school hours.


HES Dress Code


All students must adhere to the HES Dress Code at all times as stated below:

  • School uniforms will be worn at all times unless otherwise noted;
  • Pants, shorts, and skorts are to fit at the waist and may not be oversized, torn, cut, or frayed.
  • Shorts will not exceed the bottom of the knee or be shorter than fingertip length when hands are placed on the sides. Appropriate colored tights and leggings may only be worn under dresses, skirts and shorts.


The following items are Not Permitted:

  • Shoes without back straps (such as slippers or flip-flops, Croc footwear, and heelys), sunglasses, headgear (bandanas, hats, visors except in P.E.), waist chains, oversized belts or buckles, backless or bare midriff apparel, see-through clothing, halter tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or tube dresses.


1st Dress Code Violation - Call to parents, and change of clothes. 
2nd Dress Code Violation - Call to parents, and appropriate disciplinary action.


Attire for AVID College T-shirt days


Students are allowed to wear a college t-shirt on designated days. If a student does not wish to wear a college shirt, student must wear a school uniform. These days are to promote our AVID program here at Hickam Elementary School. These days are not free dress days. Please check website for College Wear, Free Dress and Spirit Dress Exception Days dates:


Uniform Waiver Policy


The DOE policy requires a provision allowing parents to request a waiver to the wearing of the uniform. Requests for waivers will be granted in cases of (1) financial hardship, (2) medical reasons that prevent the student's ability to wear the school uniform, or (3) incoming students (PCS date within 30 days of enrollment). Each waiver will be reviewed on a case by case basis and must be renewed annually. For those students who hold a waiver, the Hickam Dress Code applies in its entirety as stated above. Waivers can be revoked at any time.

Please Note: In our school planners, there is an abbreviated version of our Dress Code. 

Adopted by the HES School Community Council (SCC) 2006;

Revised December 2006 and April 2008,

Reviewed September 2016.

Dress Code Guidelines and Dress Exception Days to be determined by Student Council.