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Transition Coordinator: Ms. Bobbi Jones


The Anchored 4 Life program was established during SY 2016-17. The program is currently run by the our PCNCs (Ms. Bobbi Jones and Ms. Mondok).  Together, they work with selected fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who are chosen to work as Team Leaders. The Team Leaders apply to represent the school and are selected by the teacher's recommendation. Each classroom also has two Crew members selected by teacher recommendation to support transitioning students in the classroom.

The Anchored 4 Life program provides additional support for those students that are having difficulties with any of the following:
  • Deployment
  • Transition
  • Entering the school as a new student
  • Grief
and a few other difficulties and challenges that students living the military lifestyle and culture face.
What do Team Leaders do?
The students that are Team Leaders in the Anchored 4 Life program are able to work with their peers and allow the other students that are having difficulties and challenges to feel more comfortable with being able to speak with someone else that is not an adult and is instead a student like themselves. It helps the student with challenges feel more comfortable speaking with someone that is not only closer to their age but may be able to relate to their personal experiences. It helps them feel supported and that they have a friend they can talk to as they get through difficult times. Team leaders work with students in Activity groups to share with each other ideas, questions, and discussions about the various topics and subject matter.
Some of our Team Leaders responsibilities
  • Guided tours for new families and guests
  • Share inspirational quotes with students and families through various methods
  • Present "Aloha" and "A Hui Hou" leis
  • Complete a student-led service project each year *sometimes multiple projects!
  • Participate in Activity groups with newly enrolled students and those that still want to come to meetings.




The main job of a Crewmember is to be a greeter and to be that positive, caring person who is generally helpful as the new student settles into a new surrounding. They also help to transition the new student into the routine of their classroom. Some of the points that they are trained on are:


*Responsibilities in the Classroom (Classroom procedures)

*Lunch Procedures

*Recess Procedures

*Discussing the After School Clubs/Activities



*Uniform policy

*School Song


Teachers choose two Crewmembers from each classroom for 1st and 2nd Quarter and two new ones for 3rd and 4th quarter.


*Each Crewmember receives a manual for reference, training and a special lanyard to wear so that they are recognized for their participation in the program.