Data Processing User Support Technician

My name is Mr. Reid-Selth.
I provide technical and media support for Hickam Elementary School, which includes Google Workspace administration, device management, and Office application support.
I am tasked with Installing and maintaining personal computer hardware and software applications in accordance with established procedures/instructions and provide on-site and telephone support services to users in the diagnosis (e.g. user error, system error, network problems, printer problems, etc.) and resolution of user problems. 
I document data processing problems and resolution procedures and evaluate software programs and draw conclusions on their functionality and effectiveness in meeting user needs. 
I am also tasked with learning to use new applications effectively and keeping abreast of changes in data-processing equipment, procedures and applications and assist in planning, coordinating and providing assistance, instructions and training on the proper use of departmental data processing equipment and application programs. 
Lastly, I assist in preparing outlines, visual aids, exercises and informational materials for group presentations, and conduct classes to meet particular user needs