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Hickam Elementary

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Our Values, Vision & Mission


Our Core Values


Doing School as a Team
Doing All Things Excellently
Every One is a Leader
Whatever it Takes for Each and Every
We Believe All Can Learn
Our Vision

We commit
to providing
a positive learning community
that will inspire
leaders for tomorrow.
(Adopted May 2016)



Our Mission

Our purpose
is to nurture the whole-child
by providing a loving learning environment
and world-class education
that empowers students
to gain the skills, attitudes, and dispositions
so each child can strive to reach their highest potential.
(Adopted May 2016)


Our Motto


Kuli'a i ka Nu'u (Strive for the Highest)



Our Technology Vision
To develop a strategic and comprehensive Hickam Elementary School technology plan for:
  • Ensuring students are digitally literate,
  • Ensuring technology integration in instruction to support student engagement, and
  • Developing collaboration, effective communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, inquiry and leadership skills.
  • Further, leadership includes interpersonal skills along with college and career readiness, critical thinking includes research skills and student-led learning.