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Hickam Elementary

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Newsletters and Handbook

School newsletters are intended to provide essential information to parents and can also foster a connection between the classroom and the home. Newsletters are distributed on a quarterly basis, depending on the type of information being reported. We also include newsletters from our JBPHH Base Command and School Liaisons Officers (SLO). 
The purpose of the Parent Handbook is to give HES students and their parents an understanding of the general rules and guidelines for attending and receiving an education at our school. This handbook is prepared with the belief that all students, when provided with the correct information, are capable of making sound judgments relating to the interests of themselves, others, and the school. Students and their parents are expected to take an active role in our school. It is through participation in activities that individuals gain feelings of Safety, satisfaction and ownership. As parents, encourage your children to assume Responsibility for maintaining an environment where they can get the most out of education. Their behavior should reflect Respect for themselves, other people and property. Encourage them to take pride in our school. They, just as you, parents, play a key role in establishing the school’s reputation and in maintaining its high standards. (HES 4KeyBs are Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be a Leader!)