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Hickam Elementary School Cares


Aloha Parents and Friends:
All of us at Hickam Elementary School are deeply saddened by the tragic event that occurred yesterday at the Shipyard. We, the faculty and staff, wish to extend our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the families, relatives, and many friends, who knew the victims.
In order to assist our students and staff cope with the great sadness and shock of this tragedy, I requested and obtained needed support and resources of the Hawaii DOE Central District. Today, December 5, school counselors, social workers and psychologists from various offices and school locations will assist us in dealing with our children and staff. We will continue to have resources available to help us through this most difficult time.
If any of you or your family needs assistance, please call me or our counselor, David Murata. If you notice a sudden change in your child's behavior and/or health, that is unexplainable to you, please contact us. We will continue to respond to any child who is having difficulty dealing with this tragedy. There is assistance available and we care.
When an event of this magnitude touches one of us, it affects us all. Our school is an important part of this community and we jointly share in the responsibility of the development of our greatest resource — our children.
This tragedy, which occurred during the holiday season, causes each of us to review our priorities and to think more carefully about what is important in our lives. Perhaps, from this comes a greater sense of family, community, and friendship.


Alisa Bender