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Principal's Message

Welcome to my October-November 2017 Principal WEB Message


Aloha, Hickam Elementary School Families, Friends and Community.


It’s the beginning of a new term and students are continuing to grow and learn. But they might have made mistakes on a homework assignment or test --- and that’s ok!


What matters is how children and parents respond to those mistakes. Instead of glossing over them, parents should help children learn them. Research shows that when parents and teachers encourage students to learn from their errors, those children do better in school.


One reason may be that fixing mistakes shows kids they can improve – that “smarts” aren’t something they either have or they don’t. Intelligence can be increased. And when students understand their errors and don’t repeat them, they become more optimistic about their own brainpower.


When reviewing your child’s work this term, first point out what she did well. Then, to help her learn from her mistakes:


Point them out. Rather than saying “Don’t worry – you’ll do better on the next math test,” ask if she understands why her answers were wrong. If so have her work the problems again. If she’s not sure, offer suggestions or encourage him to ask her teacher for help.


Praise progress. Did she miss only two problems on her latest math test? After reviewing her mistakes, remind her that she’s improving. Show her how paying attention to past mistakes – and correcting them – made a difference. The more she sees this, the more she will believe in his ability to improve.


(Source: H.S. Schroder and others, “Neutral evidence for enhanced attention to mistakes among school-aged children with a growth mindset,” Developmental Cognitive neuroscience, Elsevier B.B.)


We are pleased to announce that new faculty and staff members who have joined our team this Term:

  • Shonda Williams, Grade 6 Teacher
  • Arlene Stiker, Educational Assistant
  • Dawn Williams, PPT
  • Stacie Andel, PPT
  • Jethro Muyco, Cafeteria Helper


To continue addressing the whole child, we are slowly introducing our Social Emotional Learning called The Leader in Me. We also incorporate a system called Positive Behavior Intervention. Both our The Leader in Me and Positive Behavior Intervention includes our Seven Habits of Healthy Kids. The Seven Habits of Healthy Kids make it possible for us to grow social-emotional skills, attitudes and leadership dispositions.


We will continue to grow our students voice and leadership through our Student Council and our Anchored4Life Team Leaders. We look forward to their participation in our school design and developing a successful school system.


This school year, we will continue to provide our students with college- and career-ready strategies that will support our school’s AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) system and help our students be organized, self-directed learners and critical thinkersOur AVID Parent Night will be scheduled in the near future, and more details will be sent home with your child. On some Wednesdays during the school year, our students and staff will wear their college colors or college shirts as a reminder that we are preparing to be college-and career-ready. 


Our Theme this year is: One School! One Team Making A Difference! We’ve been letting student know that each one of us has unique super powers and talents to save the day, but together – like the Justice League --, we are better and can save the world.


Finally, our heroic and energetic faculty and staff members are ready to work with the students, and we are looking forward to Parent-Teacher conferences which are already being scheduled for November 1-9 (early release 12:40pm).


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at 808-421-4148.


Mahalo Nui Loa,

Alisa Bender, Principal


Our Vision:

We commit to providing a positive learning community that will inspire leaders for tomorrow